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Here are the Alternative events that you'll find during Tangopostale festival from June 26 to July 5 2020.
To see the full programation of this festival, please follow the link.

Our Programm

JUNE 26th-28th and JULY 2nd-5th 2020

During the 12th international TANGOPOSTALE Tango Festival (80 events from June 26th to July 5th, 2020):

  • 7 milongas
  • Afters till dawn
  • Milongas on the banks of the Garonne
  • 2 milongitas in bar du saint des seins during afternoons
  • And…
    MILONGA SAUVAGE featuring in live GALEON… July 2nd!
    The most surprising milonga of your life…
    A wide workshop variety
  • Charlotte Pédrant & Cédric Tellier (Marseille)
  • Carmen Maria Hergos (Barcelona)
  • Raffaella Tempesta (Paris)
  • Anna Neum (DJ workshop)
  • Marie Aubinière (VJ workshop)


  • Anna Neum (Moscow)
  • Dario Obiols (Valencia)
  • Hubert Lelong (Toulouse)
  • Nathalie Mann (Strasbourg)
  • Phil (Toulouse)
  • Thierry Bailleul (Toulouse)
  • and some others invited DJ.


  • Marie Aubinière (Toulouse)
  • Philippe Gauthier (Paris)
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