• Friday October 26  from 8 PM to 7AM next day,
  • Saturday October 27 from 3PM to 7AM next day,
  • Sunday October 28 from 3PM to 5AM next day.

DJ/VJ Sets

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We will provide food for those who ordered from 8PM to 10PM.


Laurent-Luc will provide :


dahlgalette bretonne

  • Friday, Italian food: Caponata (aubergine, capers, tomatoes, celery, olives) with both bulgur and quinoa;
  • Saturday, Indian food: Dahl (lenses coral, coco milk, spices) with rice;
  • Sunday, Breton dish: la galette (buckwheat pancakes with egg, cheese and courgettes) with salad.

With meat

Laurent Luc on Friday and our new caterer for Saturday and Sunday are offering:

cuisse pouletpaellatagine


  • Friday: chicken leg with lemon confit with both bulgur and quinoa;
  • Saturday: paella ;
  • Sunday: Tagine of Lamb.


  • Friday: Cake apple-coco nut ;
  • Saturday: Carrot cake ;
  • Sunday: Blondie (small cake, kind of cookie without chocolate).
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