International DJs

Elio Astor (Italy)



He started studying tango in 2003,he has been at the console as a tango dj for more than 5000 hours, always focusing  on the dance floor, with no prejudices on the music, just keeping a good wave, and experiencing all the different emotions which tango can communicate.
In the last years he is focusing on music production.

He is DJ resident in Milonga San Salvador, Milonga La Mirada, Neolonga Le 2 Porte. President and founder of the cultural associationTangoEventi.
Guest DJ in many italian and foreign milongas and a lot of festivals such asFabricandoTango Festival Espectaculo Tango Festival; Athens Tango Marathon; European Tango Championship ; Elite Tango Marathon (Bulgaria); Encuentro Milonguero Noches de Invierno (Wien) ;Munich TangoBiathlon ; TangoSafari Brody (Polonia)etc.

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Sara D'Ajello Caracciolo (Italie)

Sara d'Ajello 3 Sara d'Ajello 1

SARA D'AJELLO CARACCIOLO dances tango since 1995 and teaches it since 2002, she studied and practiced many other body disciplines, principally dance-theatre, choosing the tango as a preferential language in which these multiple experiences from different body and movement techniques merge together. Her work is focused on a balanced dialogue between tango roles, a deep connection in the body itself and with the others, space and music, find inspiration to move, give both technical and abstract tools to create a dynamic dance.
She is based in Naples, where she teaches regularly and organizes the Italian edition of TangoNeta international festival, and she also teaches frequently in countries as Italy, Spain, France and Argentina.
In the musical field in 2003 she started the musical project ’Sulle rive del Tango’ - a selection of non traditional tango - which is currently at its fifth compilation, published and distributed across Europe and the world. The project consists of two weekly milongas, one in Naples and one in Milan, many deejays and people working together on the musical research, creating the ‘poetry’ of the project, and she is often invited as dj in many events and international festivals. As dj she plays traditional and alternative music, and she loves to look for “hidden” tangos in different musical styles.

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Malin (Suède)

malin2 malin1

Malin started dancing Tango in 2005 and she soon fell in love with the playfulness and freedom of the more alternative forms of the dance.
For the last seven years she has been DJ’ing and teaching at alternative Tango events around Europe. She organizes her own alternative milonga in her home town - Uppsala, Sweden.
As a DJ her aim is to play music that evokes emotions and the desire to dance, while also cherishing the moments of silence and stillness in between the songs.

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HejHej (Suède)



HejHej is a tango association founded by the artists Iwa Herdensjö & Andrejs Ljunggren from Stockholm. They put tango in new contexts, working both nationally as a organizers of Milongas and internationally as a Dj-duo.


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International VJs

Andreas Lange (Allemagne)


Andreas joined the Tango in 2005 as a photographer and has been dancing since 2006. From the very beginning, he was interested in alternative tango.
Since 2015 he has focused his artistic work on the Vjing. Almost invariably, he uses his own visual material. Some of them are works that have already been shown at exhibitions, others have been created by him especially for the Vjing.
He sees the Vjing as a form with visual elements to dance to the music.
This results in a mutual influence on music, dancers and visuals.

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VJ Mirka (France)

2018 Marie (1)2018 Marie

VJ Mirka has been working as visual artist since 2013, her interactiv installations focus on luminous experimentation and moving image.
She worked for different groups of music and created production designs for several shows.

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Local DJs



Dancer since... last century he started organizing tango Flashmobs in Toulouse for the Tangopostale festival, and the tango baladas dancing in the streets (click here to see), he's now DJing for the alternative milongas of the festival…

He started musicalizing the marathon organized by the Toulouse Team, TOULOUSE and AMSTERDAM.
Now he's also playing for milongas in foreign countries, such as Frankfurt or Rome.

He's the leader for the festival of the DJ group OtrosTangos offering Neolongas and animations into the streets. He likes improvisation of Neolongas, mixing all types of music, from very modern tangos to Hip-Hop, passing thru Soul, Blues, Folk and so on, depending on the dancers. Key words : energy and emotions.

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phil2 I started as a Hard Rock DJ in the 80’s, then DJ for Blues nights. Blues lead me to Tango Neo of course, and in 2015 I opended Nueva Guardia in Toulouse, after some tries in other places.
I like to invite DJs to my milonga, organize events such as the Nocturna. Our baby the TNT is well known now, and I am proud that we started a new baby, who was born in Amsterdam on June 2018.

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Thierry wThierry is above all a creative dancer who loves music.
He's coming from swings and blues before falling in love with tango. He's been dancing since 1998 and waited till 2016 to start offering his own musical programming with songs he likes to dance.
He wants you to discover blues and alternative tango with various musical universes suited to make you feel like dancing in different ways.

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