Registration for MARATHON TNT October 2019

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the registration for the TNT is done via the Festik platform.

Unfortunately, this platform does not support full english version. We added as much as possible explanations in english although the site remains predominantly french speaking. We apologize for the unconvenience for those that do not speak french.

    If you do not speak french, what you need to know :
  • You book your ticket for parties and dinner separately. This is very straightforward with a lot of english notes to help you.
  • TAKE CARE : meals tickets are different depending on being vegetarian OR not.
  • Once this is done, you proceed through payment page. Although 2 mode of payments are proposed, the one you must select if you do not live in France is payment via credit card (paiement par carte bancaire).
  • You have 10 days to proceed with payment, if not done in time, you will receive an email (in French) saying that your registration is canceled and that you have to register again.
  • If you proceed with a timely payment, you will receive an email (in french) together with a PDF printable ticket(s). You have to print it (do not forget) and come with it to the NTA.
  • For managing parity, we may block solo registration. In that case, you have to register in waiting list. Whenever possible we will contact you with a code that you can use to get your ticket.
  • Cancelation terms of the TNT web site applies. If you have a cancelation request, you have to contact Festik. Festik will contact us to get a greenlight and proceed with reimbursement of the tickets if the cancelation window is met.
  • Deadline for ordering dinners and breakfast list is 15 days before event. Right now registration for meals are not open.

In case of any difficulty, please send a mail to our specialist: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Follow link to see fees.

Cheque payment has been removed, because generating too much errors with foreigners.
You can only pay by credit card (visa or other).
If you don't have one, most banks can freely generate a virtual number for one paiement only. If it does not work, please contact us.
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