International DJs

Elio Astor (Italy)



Formerly a club dj, I started studying tango in 2003, I have been at the console as a tango dj since 2008, for more than 5000 hours. In the first years as traditional tango DJ I have put music in many tango festivals, milongas and encuentros milongueros all over Europe and also in Buenos Aires where I was at the console of Club Fulgor, Nino Bien and the famous Salon Canning.
Then something changed, during one of the traditional evenings I was very surprised because when he put a mixed tanda from Orquesta Fervor de Buenos Aires "al estilo de Carlos di Sarli", just few of the traditional dancers went to the dancefloor to dance. After some weeks I took the same tanda, I worked on it adding hiss, pops and vinyl effect deterioration, making it sound like an old vinyl. When I finally proposed this tanda to the same milonga those dancers danced happily. This helped me to understand that the only way to have new contemporary tango music is not proposing new songs in a traditional milonga but starting from zero with a movement of open minded people who are ready to improvise and enjoy the old marvellous embrace dance on new contemporary music, and then new tango orquestas and groups could join and go towards a global tango renaissance.
In 2009 I started organizing regular neolongas in Italy. In 2010 I introduced live mixing in neolongas. I started to take inspiration and influence by djs and musicians like Trentemoller, Jean Michel Jarre, Robert "3D" Del Naja, Sascha Ring and Vitalic among others, trying to bring some of their skills into tango danceable music.
In 2011 I organized my first marathon, which has now become Red Rabbit Neotango Festival. Now I am regularly invited as DJ in the major Neotango events, focusing on music production, live jams, and teaching DJ workshops, I believe in a global tango music renaissance made by musicians, new tango orquestas, experienced djs, and open minded teachers who teach first steps on modern music instead retro/vintage one.

SKILLS : Working knowledge of DJ hardware, industry standard equipment, Pioneer CDJs, Allen & Heath mixers as well as other brands. Live digital mixing with Ableton, NI platforms. Studio music production.

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Sonja Armisen (Germany)

Sonja (1)Sonja (2)

Sonja Armisen was one of the first pure NeoTango DJs, (with mainly Electrotango) she produced 2 electrontango CDs TangoFusionClub Vol 1+2 and started (probably) the first Neotango Milonga in in Europe in 2004.
In that time she also created a new dancestyle the TangoFusionClub-Dance. Since then she has been djing in a lot of events all over the Tangoworld.
During the last years her sets changed from Electrotango to mainly alternative Music.

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Harald von Keudell (Germany)

2019 Harald DJ12019 Harald DJ1

Harald loves Tango in all its variety. He thinks that no other dance is capable of expressing so much of our current emotion. No other dance can be interpreted so differently and demands more communication of the couple with respect, attention and trust. "When I dance I want the music to inspire me" he says. For more than 25 years he has been dancing, teaching and DJing in Germany and abroad and created his own selection which can be danced to powerfully, dynamically, sensually, passionately, erotically and tenderly. He will present you a rich variety wonderful international Tangos and Non-Tangos.

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Fabrizio "dj Auslaender" Ferranti (Italy)

fabrizio 1fabrizio 2

Originated from Napoli, but living in Milano, Fabrizio "DJ Auslaender" Ferranti, is one of the historical DJ of the Sulle rive del tango adventure.
He has his own sensitivity though, able to turn each milonga into a never ending poetry piece. The very same song that you claim when you heard it at home, that "I'll never dance on it", DJ Ferranti will build such a magical flow that you will find yourself dancing with a big smile on your face.
At first glance, looking at him during a milonga, you'll get a sober "nordic" attitude feeling, but looking further you'll see stars shining in his eyes and the children that resides underneath.

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International VJs

Andreas Lange (Allemagne)


Andreas joined the Tango in 2005 as a photographer and has been dancing since 2006. From the very beginning, he was interested in alternative tango.
Since 2015 he has focused his artistic work on the Vjing. Almost invariably, he uses his own visual material. Some of them are works that have already been shown at exhibitions, others have been created by him especially for the Vjing.
He sees the Vjing as a form with visual elements to dance to the music.
This results in a mutual influence on music, dancers and visuals.

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VJ Mirka (France)

2018 Marie (1)2018 Marie

VJ Mirka has been working as visual artist since 2013, her interactiv installations focus on luminous experimentation and moving image.
She worked for different groups of music and created production designs for several shows.

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Local DJs



Dancer since... last century he started organizing tango Flashmobs in Toulouse for the Tangopostale festival, and the tango baladas dancing in the streets (click here to see), he's now DJing for the alternative milongas of the festival…

He started musicalizing the marathon organized by the TNT Team, TOULOUSE and AMSTERDAM.
Now he's also playing for milongas or marathons in foreign countries, in Germany, Italy or Greece.

He's the leader for the festival of the DJ group offering Neolongas and animations into the streets. He likes improvisation of Neolongas, mixing all types of music, from very modern tangos to Hip-Hop, passing thru Soul, Blues, Folk and so on, depending on the dancers. Key words : energy and emotions.

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phil2 I started as a Hard Rock DJ in the 80’s, then DJ for Blues nights. Blues lead me to Tango Neo of course, and in 2015 I opended Nueva Guardia in Toulouse, after some tries in other places.
I like to invite DJs to my milonga, organize events such as the Nocturna (Tango way). Our baby the TNT is well known now, and I am proud that we started a new baby who was born in Amsterdam on June 2018.

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Thierry wThierry is above all a creative dancer who loves music.
He's coming from swings and blues before falling in love with tango. He's been dancing since 1998 and waited till 2016 to start offering his own musical programming with songs he likes to dance.
He wants you to discover blues and alternative tango with various musical universes suited to make you feel like dancing in different ways.

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