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Vio & Roberto (Germany)

Vio et Roberto Vio (2)


TangoForge is a global community of dancers committed to sublime connection and maximum artistry. We dance Extreme Tango with absolute trust to the edges of Argentine Tango.
Our dance is 100% improvised, 100% Argentine Tango with contemporary gender concepts. We use the traditional elements and tango's technology of communication to go to its and our edges. We believe that every song is a tango song. It depends on the dancer's skill and feelings whether s/he will be able to dance tango on it.

Video: Clic here to follow link

    Tango lessons. Duration 1,5 hours
  • "Understanding the Expert Embrace"
  • "Autonomy and Connnection in Adornos and Soltadas"

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Astrid Maria Cerpentier (Belgium) and Bennie Bartels (NL)

ASTRID+Bennie astrid OUR "Neo tango" works with principles such as circularity, moving around AND IN each other, a dance that grasps the space, with dynamics, a lively embrace, connecting, with elasticity too. All of the above give the steps more depth, color, and significance, and within the focused form of tango, freedom within the embrace, a more active and creative role for each of the dance partners, in that way, finding a new vocabulary that fits our contemporary world. Tango has developed from a linear dancing in front of each other, to a circular through each other and each other's space, a principle that fits the nature of movement and abrazo, one body with four legs. Our theme "Everything is a giro" is simple, born from movement, musicality and the autonomy of the leader and the follower, to find each other in an intimate and expressive dance, a tango that opens your mind for a next level, a whole new universum.

    Their proposal
  • 1 class of 1,5 hours on Friday (as a workshop)
  • 2 classes of 2 x 1,5 hours on Saturday: part I and part II
  • Bennie could also give a Feldenkrais class before the tango on Saturday (1h)
  • €50 for the whole seminar (3 workshops)
  • €35 for only Saturday
  • €18 for Friday
  • Feldenkrais : 10€

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Isabelle and Thierry (France)

Isa thierry We feel that a lot of the music played during neotango parties can be danced using blues technique. Because of that , Blues dancing and Tango dancing are two dances that fit very well together cross fertilizing each other. Common to both dance; a very strong and full time connexion, a freedom of movement, playing and creating based on music inspiration, all that being the source of a lot of pleasure widening your dancing possibilities.
This is why isabelle and thierry propose a blues initiation build for neo tango dancers. During the workshop you will learn the basis of the blues connexion and increase your palette of body movements with the goal of dancing even closer to the music following your inspiration.

    themes of the workshop :
  • body relaxation and dancing using the ground
  • Blues connexion basics : bouncing and stretch
  • experimentation of the blues connexion thru different situations ("abrazo", walk, micro blues dancing, …) and body moves
  • from tango to Blues and vice versa
  • discovery of spin movements thru simple examples : conservation/absorption of the energy and strech

place : Main room of the Het entrepot
price: 12€


Isabelle and Thierry, tango and blues addicts (and others dances too!) open bridges between those parallel universes.
In addition to being dancers, they are also organizers for neotango and fusion festivals (TNT, NTA, NTB, Toulouse fusion week-end…).
Thierry is also DJ in neotango and blues fusion.

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