Let's eat something

near by

The ballroom is situated in Toulouse city, so there are plenty of restaurants for all budgets. Closest and cheapest can be found in Avenue Jules Julien, right by the Studio.

With us

It is also possible to have dinner together by booking your seat while registering or no later than 10 days before the event.
Dinner is planed in 2 services at 8 and 9 PM in the upper room and will include a salad/main course/desert.


We paid a great attention to the meal, so you will keep a great souvenir!, Toulouse is one the capital of French gastronomy.

All food will be handmade, no industrial food !

Drinks are not included (see bar section).


A breakfast is included in the reservation starting 4AM for the night owls.

The bar

During the marathon fruits are also offered on a free basis ; Soft drinks will sold any time.

Near by the dressing room, you'll find a fountain with fresh (and free !) water.

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